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By Paragon School of Sporting Inc.
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"Only when we concentrate on the process of building this

dependable form—applying the non-negotiable

basics swing after swing—can we honestly and realistically

expect to generate real consistency, higher scores and peak performances."


excerpt from Beyond The Target (BOOK III)

Daniel L. Schindler

Paragon School of Sporting Inc. Founder, Master Instructor and Chief Examiner


Guild of Shooting Instructor (UK)


 Beyond The Target, Book III is the final book in Dan Schindler's Sporting Clays and Wingshooting trilogy. Beyond The Target is a culmination of Dan Schindler's life's work that spans decades of teaching shooters at every level, with every imaginable issue. Dan's giving away a bank of knowledge in Beyond The Target. People think and learn differently, and Dan has worked with professionals from many different disciplines to develop training to help his students move their shooting forward in record time. Beyond The Target will answer all of your sporting clays and clay target questions and a lot more, giving you an opportunity for honest, attainable advancement.


Beyond The Target, This is an inspiring, instructional Sporting Clays Handbook for entry-level to advanced shooters. By following the prescribed basics and training methods necessary for true skill advancement…and using the detailed mental game techniques provided here…you can create consistency, successful competition strategies, and peak performances in the shooting box.


From the Editor, Randy Lawrence (Wingshooting Editor, Sporting Clays Magazine, Clay Target Nation, Contributor) . . .

"Beyond The Target captures the very soul of Dan Schindler’s teaching - unvarnished observations, thoughtful training regimens, and a deft, student-centered style that invites learning at every turn. Schindler writes that this is not a book of addition to the musty orthodoxy of Sporting Clays instruction. Instead, this is a story of smart subtraction, slicing through the tried-but-maybe-not-so-true gobbledygook that keeps shooters forever mired in performance plateaus . . .


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