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Sporting Clays Instruction

In a safe, entertaining, and educational environment, Paragon programs provide a particularly gratifying and entertaining experience. From wing shooters, entry-level shooters, to more experienced, advancing competitors, Paragon instruction quickly moves shooter skills to the very highest levels. This improvement comes from patient, competent coaching, focusing on the fundamentals so necessary to elevate skills. The clay target sports are a lot more fun and productive when the individual learns how to repeat the successful swing - the very foundation under consistency in the shooting box....

Sporting Clays Tips

For as long as I can remember, my articles in Sporting Clays magazine and the monthly Tips on this website have come directly from my experiences in the game fields, and with my daily students on the clay ranges. These are first-hand experiences, illuminating the many common questions and challenges shooters face both in the field and in the shooting box. Each month I will do my best to give back something useful and practical for the shooter attempting to improve his or her shooting....

Center for Instructor Study

Paragon C.I.S. (Center for Instructor Study) is a comprehensive Instructor certification program for those individuals who seek the very highest level of Instructor training. The Instructor Candidates who join us have researched their certification options. Their goal is to excel in their teaching abilities when returning home. Mediocrity is not a part of their standards. Their reputation, and the service provided to their students, matter greatly to these individuals....

Meet Dan Schindler

  • Guild of Shooting Instructor's, England
  • NSCA Level III Instructor, US
  • Author of two books, Take Your Best Shot and To The Target - Beyond The Target CD - and more than 115 Sporting Clays and Wing Shooting articles.
  • Gun Fitter
  • Designer of 26 Sporting Clays Courses across the US

The Workshop

The mental game,........it conjures up images of superior mental powers, able to single-handedly destroy those annoying distractions so we can hold our concentration like a laser beam and build long runs,.....very long runs. OK, that sounds good but what does all that mean and how do you do that? Here's a way to extract real, measurable improvement out of practice, a crystal clear blueprint on what we do, why we do it, how we do it,.....and the best way to generate the peak performance we know we are capable of....

Wingshooting Sportsmen

At the shrill of the whistle the spaniels ease to a stop. Everyone's heart beats a little faster anticipating the flush. The guns are up! A stir of wings,......there's the shot. Feathers floating gently in the breeze are a parting present, the last reminder of a splendid shot and a clean harvest. Pheasant retrieved to hand, it's hard to say who's happier, you or your 4-legged companion.

There is no better place to be than with friends or family behind a great dog in the field. A little help with your wingshooting skills and learning proper etiquette will go a long way to making this day afield a memorable and safe hunt....

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Welcome To Paragon School of Sporting Inc.

Welcome to the Paragon School of Sporting Inc. and Center for Instructor Study (C.I.S.) established by Dan Schindler in 1994. Thank you for visiting. We are genuinely proud of our teachers, and our programs, ideals, curriculum and methods. An ever-growing family, Paragon teachers and their students take great pride in their work. Yes, we do understand what your shooting means to you - and yes, we can help, regardless of gender, age or skill level. We work with clay target shooters from Hunter class to Master class, wingshooters, corporate and social groups. Whether you are more interested in entertainment, or advancing your skill level - in a safe, educational and reassuring environment - we provide patient, competent assistance. From the first phone call to the session completion - we promise you an educational, gratifying experience.

Paragon Instructors teach a step-by-step, simple, logical and totally reliable shooting system. This system is "the" blueprint for building consistency and repeating the successful shot.

Please understand: in a formal lesson there's a huge difference between hitting the target and learning how to hit it consistently. In a formal lesson, it should be explained to you, both WHY you missed the target – and WHY you hit the target. Without those answers, what will you do with the shell in your hand? What are you learning? Are you taking answers home with you? Paragon Instructors teach the fundamentals and how to apply them correctly. This is your foundation, built on your knowing exactly what to do in the shooting box.

Here's the question asked by everyone: where does inconsistency come from? On the same target, inconsistency is caused by unintentional changes in your swing every time you call for the bird. No 2 swings are ever the same. X000X0X00X is caused by those swing errors. We'll show you how to see those inconsistencies, then eliminate them.

"How do I improve?" The answer begins with the underlying principles of our school – the basics. Why do we so strongly believe in the basics? Only when the basics are applied correctly can your swing and performance in the box become consistent. Our students will tell you, it really is that simple.

Are you a competitive shooter? So are we. We'll answer your questions, specifically, and solve the scoring problem. Building your target count is a process we very much understand, in terms of both swing management and the mental aspects of competition.

For bird hunting, social and corporate events, River Bend Sportsman's Resort is where you want to be.

Please continue visiting with us and we'll do our best to help.

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