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Paragon School of Sporting &
Center for Instructor Study

September 22nd through 27th 2015
Amelia Shotgun Sports
86300 Hot Shot Trail, Yulee, FL
Tel: (904) 548-9818

Wingshooting Sportsmen

At the shrill of the whistle the spaniels ease to a stop. Everyone's heart beats a little faster anticipating the flush. The guns are up! A stir of wings,......there's the shot. Feathers floating gently in the breeze are a parting present, the last reminder of a splendid shot and a clean harvest. Pheasant retrieved to hand, it's hard to say who's happier, you or your 4-legged companion.

There is no better place to be than with friends or family behind a great dog in the field. A little help with your wingshooting skills and learning proper etiquette will go a long way to making this day afield a memorable and safe hunt....

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Paragon School of Sporting & Center for Instructor Study


Professional Associate Certification

Amelia Shotgun Sports
86300 Hot Shot Trail, Yulee, FL 32097 — Tel: (904) 548-9818
September 22nd through 27th 2015

Examiner — Dan Schindler
Guild of Shooting Instructors, UK

Thank you very much for considering the Paragon C.I.S. Instructor certification program.

Please consider 2 things:

  1. Instructing is not "just about shooting." Teaching is all about working with people — successfully.
  2. Their success — and yours — will depend on what you learn and how well you teach it.
Introduction to Shooting

At Paragon, we believe there is no substitute for teaching Instructor competence. You owe it to your students — and yourself — to examine your options for Instructor certifications. An Instructor will become an asset — or a liability to the future of the shooting sports — depending upon what he/she learns — and how well he teaches.

Paragon Instructors teach a step-by-step, simple, logical and totally reliable shooting system. This system is "the" blueprint for building consistency and repeating the successful shot.

Please understand: in a formal lesson there's a huge difference between hitting the target and learning how to hit it consistently. In a formal lesson, it should be explained to you, both WHY you missed the target – and WHY you hit the target. Without those answers, what will you do with the shell in your hand? What are you learning? Are you taking answers home with you? Paragon Instructors teach the fundamentals and how to apply them correctly. This is your foundation, built on your knowing exactly what to do in the shooting box.


Your student will arrive wanting to know why he is inconsistent — why he is missing targets — why he is not improving? He, or she, will come to you seeking advice that works. Your student very much expects you to know what you are doing. They’ve put their faith in you. Your student deserves answers that make sense — answers that do work — consistently. Do you honestly have those answers? Can you create student comprehension and build student improvement in the shooting box? How will you accomplish this?


Intermediate Shooter

If you care about your teaching — your student — and you care about your reputation — pick an Instructor certification program that delivers the teaching tools you must have to become a competent Teacher. Paragon C.I.S. promises and delivers that program. In this class, you deserve and can expect to learn:

  • Safety — the right way. Protecting your client — and everyone else
  • Working with the new and advanced shooter. How they are different-how they are the same.
  • The real truths about: shooting methods, leads, chokes, ammunition, guns, target line, speed and distance issues
  • Gun up or gun down? Which is best? Why? When? How?
  • The real reasons WHY shooters are inconsistent & struggle to improve
  • Eye dominance issues — a proper evaluation — the correct recommendations
  • The Non-negotiable role of "precision" in the shotgun sports — what is it — where does it come from — how do we create it in the shooting box?
  • The Teacher's eyes — where to look — what you must see (critical)
  • HOW to diagnose — and evaluate a swing, start to finish (critical)
  • WHY your student missed — and where — teaching your student to "self-correct"
  • WHY your student hit the target — so he/she can repeat the shot
  • The 4 most important shooting methods — why each works — where they don't
  • Gun fitting — how — what your client can expect — what not to expect
  • Communication skills — not just explanations — building student comprehension
  • Different lessons for different clients — are you teaching the correct lesson?
  • Entertainment and success in your lesson — how to make sure you have both
  • Skeet & Trap — Here are the key fundaments so you can teach both effectively.
  • Marketing strategies

At Paragon, we appreciate and greatly respect your inquiry into Instructor certification. We would consider it a privilege to assist you. We believe we have an obligation to provide you with the very best, most practical, most useful Instructor certification class available anywhere in the world.

For Further Information
Please Call Dan or Cheryl Schindler @ (828) 693-6600
Certified Instructor references always available

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