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 If there’s a common denominator in the phone calls we receive regarding instruction, it’s about the same word…consistency. As in, “Why am I not consistent?” The gentleman in Alaska was on the phone asking that question. His being a AA shooter, I could hear his frustration. He knew, correctly, that he was better than his scorecards were showing. After a few minutes of listening, I very politely explained that I knew why he was not consistent. After a bit of silence, he very respectfully said there wasn’t any way I could know that. He went on to say, we’d never met, and to his knowledge, I’d never seen him shoot. AND…he said ...

Chasing X’s - Grit, Grace and Glory

Greetings and thank you for visiting with us again. Here’s hoping most of your shooting boxes are in the shade. As I converse with each of my students in the clubhouse before we touch the gun, I respectfully ask, “Why are you here?”  Now, maybe you are thinking I ought to know that answer, considering this person has come for a lesson. Well, I do know that, but what I don’t yet know exactly is what the word success means to my student today. And that’s very important. My definition of success, and your definition, may not be their definition. From the novice opening the box with their first shotgun…or week-end warrior seeking to ...

Want Consistency? Here's How...Plain and Simple (Part II)

There’s an enormous joy found in shotgunning. But, when the missing starts…for some of us…there comes a time when we decide to become more CONSISTENT with our shotgunning. To do that, here are some truths that have a direct bearing on whether we hit the target or not.If you wish, there’s a library full of shooting ballistics you can study, internal, external and terminal. And when you lump all those very relevant ballistic calculations together, their combined importance at the target will pretty much be reduced to zero if precision is compromised.Rifle and handgun shooters learn very quickly what happens when unintended movement occurs: precious accuracy is lost. ...

Want Consistency? Here's How...Plain and Simple (Part I)

  "The good news is…when that same swing component is executed correctly…the target will break"  All those who DON’T care if they break the target…please raise your hand. The truth is, we all want the target to break. And…without fail…every single time…there’s a very specific, valid reason why it did break…and why it didn’t. It’s long past time for all the mystery around X’s and 0’s to end. Just what is it, exactly, that we have to do to break the target CONSISTENTLY? It’s cold. And making it worse, it’s windy. The rain is more on than off. So the course is empty. ...

Warning Signs & Symptoms of Heat-Related Illness

Avoid DangerBe Prepared for Heat-Related IssuesClick below on link for Click to Read: Advice from the  CDC on Heat-Related Issues - What to look for and What to do!