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Lefty and the Art of Sporting Clays
Lefty and the Art of Sporting Clays

I can’t quite remember the year but the memory is crystal clear. For those of you who might not know the name, it’s Lefty Kreh. He’s a legend and deservedly so, an author, teacher and all around nice guy. Smitten by the lure of fly-fishing, I walked into the Boiling Springs Fly Shop, just outside Carlisle Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has some incredible trout streams and I was re-stocking my supply of artificial terrestrials, also known as ants, beetles, crickets and such. This Spring morning was busy hosting a fly-casting school. Lo and behold, there sat Mr. Kreh at a table having a sandwich. By reputation and pictures, I knew who he was so I walked up and humbly ...

Missing Birds?
Lefty and the Art of Sporting Clays

At the shrill of the whistle, the spaniels ease to a stop. Everyone's heart beats a little faster anticipating the flush. The guns are up! A stir of wings......there's the shot. Feathers floating gently in the breeze are a parting present, the last reminder of a splendid shot and a clean harvest. Pheasant retrieved to hand, it's hard to say who's happier, you or your 4-legged companion. On the family farm or Plantation, in the marsh blinds, or a driven shoot on the shooting grounds in Spain or England, bird hunting is a noble sport whose traditions run deep all the way back to the first fowling pieces. A joy to report, bird hunting is alive and well in America. Along with all the ...

A Few Thoughts on Taking Clay Target Instruction and From Whom…
Lefty and the Art of Sporting Clays

Can Tiger Woods give you multiple tips to improve your golf game? Can 2018 Olympic Gold winner Shaun White give you multiple tips to improve your snowboarding? Can tennis star Serena Williams give you multiple tips to improve your tennis game? Can professional basketball star LeBron James give you multiple tips to improve your dunking skills? Of course, the answer to all the questions above is, yes, they can give you “tips.” A better question might be, can those superstars 1) correctly evaluate and weigh your goals, personal skills, and shortcomings, before recommending anything…2) actually see, specifically, what you are, and are not doing correctly…and ...

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Lefty and the Art of Sporting Clays


The Million Dollar Question
Lefty and the Art of Sporting Clays

It was about 10 years ago, maybe more, and I remember the tournament very well. It was late morning and we were all early, standing on our designated Station, shaking hands. The usual air was heavy, almost palpable, and undeniably physical. Greetings over, I stepped back a few steps to “gather my awareness,” letting go of all that wouldn’t matter over the next few hours. My good friend and shooting companion that day, Bryan Brueck, walked over. He silently handed me a folded piece of paper…and went back to our cart to sit down. From Bryan’s expression, I opened the paper slowly. Already knowing the message had a purpose, a meaning…I was paying ...