Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Lessons
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By Daniel L. Schindler
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Or Wingshooting Instruction?



The importance of the following preliminary steps can’t be overstated and a mindful Coach should be helping you walk through this to ensure you can solo successfully, on your own after your lesson, in the shooting box and in the field.


I believe the # 1 reason why my students are so successful in their lessons is because of the preparatory work we do, together, before shooting begins. While the shooting methods and techniques are, of course, extremely important, again, together, how we approach your lesson is every bit as important as what we cover. Here’s why.


Not everyone’s lesson objectives are the same. Goals, commitment levels, shooting methods and styles vary widely. To assemble the best lesson strategy for you, a careful evaluation of all this must be taken into account before you reach for the shotgun. And why my lessons are individually tailored to each person, to make absolutely sure we accomplish what is most important to you.


It is in our first conversation, to get us on the same page so to speak, I ask that we discuss certain realities. Said with utmost respect, it’s the questions you don’t know to ask that unlock the mysteries of good shooting, creating more consistency in your shooting and a higher level of success with each trigger pull. Our first discussion and the resulting background information literally sets up the foundation, not just for a successful lesson, but success after your lesson. Students are encouraged by what they hear when we first speak and arrive for their lessons much better prepared. Again, critically important progress has already taken place, even before we meet and shake hands.


While there’s nothing wrong with a lesson to untangle a problem on a specific target presentation, actual Sporting Clays and Wingshooting improvement starts with a thorough, realistic discussion on what are—and how to successfully reach—your objectives. Respectfully, I’m suggesting, a better understanding of what those objectives really are, will accelerate your shooting improvement exponentially.


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