Let's Talk about Beyond The Target (Book III)
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By Paragon School of Sporting Inc.
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"Everything you ever taught me plus a lot more is in Beyond The Target.

I consider it my sporting clays Bible which I will read thoroughly & refer to frequently.

It is an invaluable text.

Every clay shooter should get one."

 - Mark Engen, DVM

"LOVED Beyond The Target! A must read for all Sporting Clay shooters."

- Linda Henson, Retired Corporate Trainer


A terrific book for shooters at all levels.

- Howard Fortner


Beyond The Target (Book III)
Daniel Schindler's Latest Release


Beyond The Target is definitely "not" a rehash of all you've read, seen and heard over the last decade. Focused and completely up to date, Beyond The Target's Truths and facts dispel all the myths and mysteries that are preventing your progress and diminishing your scores. 


Entertaining and easy to read, here are the advanced principles and methods that carry shooters to the very highest levels of performances in the shooting box. Here is a veritable wealth of information explaining where inconsistency really comes from and is a veritable wealth of information explaining where inconsistencies really comes from, raising your X count. Equipment selection recommendations . . . gun fit . . . shooting methods beyond the basics . . . where competition pressure really comes from  . . . distraction management . . . Pre Shot routines . . . creating a peak performance . . . a training regimen that actually works . . . these are just a few of the topics covered in depth. 


 The 3 required Skill Sets are all individually discussed with detailed recommendations on how each works and why they are indispensable in the shooting box. This is your Instruction Manual . . . the step-by-step process to move your game to the next level. 


We're receiving excellent reviews from around the world! Released on June 16, 2017, Beyond The Target (Book III) is written in Dan's clear, concise manner, easy for readers to understand so they can implement the lessons into their shooting. Beyond The Target contains invaluable Sporting Clays information. It is a compilation of Dan's life and work as a Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Coach and Instructor. Randy Lawrence, the past Sporting Clays Magazine Wingshooting Editor and Contributor to Clay Target Nation, was Dan's editor. Randy did an amazing job editing the book and we'll always be grateful for his insight and counsel.


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