5 Most Important Questions The Tournament Clay Shooter Should Be Asking
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By Daniel Schindler, Paragon Master Sporting Clays Instructor
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1. Which is more important . . . understanding the basics, the precision, and fundamentals that generate Xs . . . or equipment, chokes, and loads?


2. The trap machine fires: am I controlling my gun’s movement precisely . . . or trying to force the shot outcome 35 yards away?


3. Seriously . . . can I honestly trust my swing? Is it consistent . . . or is it changing from target to target without my knowledge? XXXXXX . . . or X00X0X?


4. Why am I constantly distracted and not focused in the shooting box?


5. Specifically . . . HOW do I add more Xs to my scorecard? Not just sometimes but consistently?


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Daniel Schindler - Hello David.

Outstanding. Good on you. Learning and applying the basics will put more X’s on a score sheet.

As to your scores when you first started…way back in the 1980’s when Sporting Clays was taking root in the US, 50% was a good score. Like you, we all pretty much shot instinctively breaking 40 to 50% of our targets. Over these many years, the target setters have become more and more creative, giving us targets today that require a lot more than just instinct. I’m glad "Take Your Best Shot, Book I (2nd Edition)" has been helpful to you and appreciate your comments.

Practicing the fundaments will reward with higher scores. Be safe…keep the faith.

All the best!

Dan Schindler
David Wright - I am new to sporting clays. Using natural instincts, I was shooting in the high 40's to low fifties, averaging 51, with a high of 57 (all at Backwoods Quail Club). After reading book one, I shot a 67. The following week, after a second reading, I shot 73. I am now in book 2 and looking forward to increasing my skills.
Also, on our way home from The SWAG last week, we stopped at Target Shotguns, Inc. and met Bob Schultz and looked at his wonderful array of guns. We plan to go back after Thanksgiving and select a new gun. After that, I will reach out to you to schedule some lessons.

Best regards,

David Wright