Sporting Clays Tip, August 2008

What if I told you I had the "secret" to advanced shooting skills-an irrefutable truth.............

August 2008 Sporting Clays Tip August 2008 Sporting Clays Tip August 2008 Sporting Clays Tip August 2008 Sporting Clays Tip
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The Secret

August 2008 Sporting Clays Tip

by Dan Schindler
The Secret

What if I told you I had the "secret" to advanced shooting skills-an irrefutable truth. Before you say, "Yeah, sure you do Dan," take a minute to consider this.

The road to advancement has to 2 toll booths. No one advances without paying the 2 tolls.

The 1st toll is that we search and find what needs changing in our game. We must first learn-specifically-what is holding us back, causing our inconsistencies and current plateau. Until we learn what to change, we have no choice but to continue what we are doing-the same way we always do it-hoping for better results from ourselves. Sound right? Nope.

We can't get to the 2nd toll booth until we go through the 1st. Armed with the new knowledge of what needs changing in our game, we arrive at the 2nd toll booth. The 2nd toll is that we implement the changes in our game. This sounds simple enough but there are obstacles, not the least of which are frustration, setbacks, trial and error, etc. Change can be difficult for many, many enticing, reassuring reasons, all of which are quick exits back to our old, more comfortable ways of doing things. Back to the plateau, frustration, doubts and confusion.

The # 1 most important, guiding principle that leads to improvement and advancement is change. The secret. It is not the most tenacious shooter, the most intelligent, the most talented or gifted who makes it to the top but rather the one who makes the necessary changes in his game. Passion, equipment, determination, dedication and practice all come 2nd to change-the secret-the shortest path to consistency, improvement and higher scores.

July 2008 Tip

What You Don't See Is What You Get

Sporting clays is the ultimate test, pitting ourselves against targets down gullies and through trees at countless unknown speeds, angles and distances. We spend thousands of dollars on equipment, books, videos and training all to master basic, rudimentary skills. Some shooters do, and they have the skills to show for it. But why is it that skills don't always match scores?

Hmmmm. The answer is simple. Competition..............

September 2008 Tip

T & T

Have you noticed how the really good ones make it look so easy? Gymnasts, skateboarders, cyclists, runners, shooters - the ones in the lead - all have an easy, rhythmic stride or stroke.

Too many shooters approach the shot anxiously, the swing is much too fast and the shot is launched, more with hope than confidence. Their tempo - the first T - is too fast, putting the gun out of control..............


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