Sporting Clays Tip, July 2013

Oversimplification... consistency would be repeating the correct swing two times in a row...

July 2013 Sporting Clays Tip July 2013 Sporting Clays Tip July 2013 Sporting Clays Tip July 2013 Sporting Clays Tip
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One In A Row

July 2013 Sporting Clays Tip

by Dan Schindler
One In A Row

No surprise to anyone here, I'm sure, it seems the # 1 question among shooters is "Why am I so inconsistent? Why do I shoot an 84 on the course on Wednesday, and a 75 on the exact same course on Saturday?"

I'm asked, and discuss this question almost daily. I believe the answer is more logical than mysterious. As an example and my perspective on this, let's start with our shooter standing in the box, about to attempt the A bird, 10 times, all singles. The A bird – a 35 yard crossing target off a short tower – is not overly difficult and the final score looks like this: XXXXXXXXXX – out with 10. Today is Wednesday and our shooter is understandably pleased with this, right up until the exact same sequence is repeated 3 days later on Saturday: XXX0XXX0X0 – out with 7.

Here's why I believe the Wednesday and Saturday scores are different and where the inconsistencies are coming from. On Wednesday, each swing – each shot – was captured on video. Looking at each swing on the screen – in slow motion – it is very clear and easy to see that each swing – on this target – was not the same. 6 times – maybe 7 – the swing did look the same. The remaining 3 or 4 swings? Those swings were not the same. Those 3 or 4 bird / muzzle sequences – during the swing – the bird / muzzle sight pictures are plainly different.

As this discovery is discussed, our shooter admits to being very surprised and not knowing this was happening. This is a classic case of perception versus reality. First, our shooter has a lot of faith in his XYZ shooting method. Understandably, this confidence is more than just validated by 10 X's. I say that because each and every X reassures – and lures – our shooter into believing, "Congratulations, I did that right." After all – I have the X's to prove it! Well, yes he does have the X's. So why is the score different on Saturday? Because his swing – unknowingly – is not the same from shot to shot. It is not consistent. And a swing that is not consistent, cannot be trusted or counted on the deliver a consistent result.

Yes, it's an oversimplification, but we could say, "The definition of consistency would be repeating the correct swing two times in a row." In order for that to happen, our shooter would have to know how to build that swing so he could repeat it. Yes? A good topic for another day, worthy of our consideration.

Thanks for stopping by. Be safe, and I hope to see you out on the course.

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