Take Your Best Shot, Book I, 2nd Edition $29.95
"Take Your Best Shot: A Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Primer" Book One, 2nd Edition by Daniel L. Schindler. Thousands of copies sold. "Take Your Best Shot" is required by several shooting programs, including Jacksonville University and Carolina Clays (SCTP).

A primer for those who want to improve their shooting, "Take Your Best Shot" helps you get organized before and after you step into the shooter's box. Regardless of skill level, your shot should be planned carefully before calling for the target. To finish a shot properly, it is vital that you start properly. Many times when one's shooting goes south, the shooter's gotten a bit careless with their fundamentals.

Using clear, plain language, this book answers your questions about equipment selection; chokes and loads; set-up in the box; strategies; shooting methods and managing your expectations. Each shooting tip is a building block to move your shooting to the next level building a solid foundation.

Comments from Dan Schindler (Author):

Two sporting clays targets...one hit, one not. Why are both complete mysteries?

I promise you, talented shotgunning is not a mystery. In these pages, you will find a shooting formula...a simpler approach that un-complicates your shooting. Here are the basics...the fundamentals so essential to your understanding, precisely, what to do, and how.
Consistency is the most sought after objective in the shooting sports. But an unpredictable set-up and swing won’t produce the results or improvement you want. That’s why the basics in Take Your Best Shot are indispensable to your new training program. Step-by-step, its recommendations prepare you to succeed, guiding you to:
Sensible equipment selection.
The right set-up and strategy.
The best shooting method.
Repeating the successful shot - consistently.
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